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Stan M. Strawn's Comments

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At 11:08am on August 11, 2010, Laurie J Wright said…
Hi Stan. I'd be glad to audition. I can be contacted at when you have details.
At 9:55am on March 5, 2011, Christopher Warden said…

Hey Stan, 

I was checking out your page and I saw that you have done some projects that incorporate the 50's style/time period.  I stye myself in the 50s fashion.  Are you still working on those type of projects?

At 8:10am on March 8, 2011, Christopher Warden said…

My email is

I also forgot to mention that I am willing and able to contribute any help on crew.  I have pretty much done it all when it comes to lending a hand on a shoot.

At 11:36pm on March 11, 2011, Ken Hendricks said…

Hi Stan,

I hope you are doing well. It sounds like you are working on a pretty ambitious project. I'd love to hear more about it. 


The full trailer for "The Chronicles of Rick Roll" is now available on YouTube. I was Director of Photography on this project. This trailer racked up over 100,000 views in less than 48 hours and it is among the "most viewed" in the United States as well as several other countries. Please take a look and feel free to let me know what you think. As always, comments, criticism or just plain heckling are most welcome!

In other news, I bought myself a nice birthday present:


Anyway, let's get together and talk shop sometime soon!


Ken Hendricks

At 10:01am on March 12, 2011, Ken Hendricks said…

Hey Stan,


That's a genuine, Hollywood style, hydraulic camera dolly! It's actually pretty small and light compared to some. It fits through doorways and  allows us to do some very cinematic moves.


As far as the YouTube video goes, I'm certainly getting an education in how the whole thing works. I guess once you get a certain amount of interest happening, they ask you to partner with them and add the advertising. The dollar amount that you get is pretty small but if you generate millions of views, it can add up. Please take a look at it and let me know what you think!


At 10:20pm on March 14, 2011, Cobra Fang Power said…
Thanks!  Yes, some of our group have seen The People Vs. George Lucas.  It did a pretty good job of going over everything, but it tended to side a bit too heavily on the negative side for my tastes (as a fan of Lucas and his work).  What did you think?
At 1:49pm on April 7, 2011, Jordan Lynn Urquhart said…
Hey!  I'm looking to build up my reel, let me know of any upcoming auditions you may have! Thanks!  ~Jordan Lynn Urquhart
At 2:29am on August 29, 2011, Emma Shapiro said…

Hello Stan!

I am absolutely interested in Auditioning. If you wouldn't mind, could you send me details as to the audition date(s), location(s), and time(s)? Also, I would be happy to send you my resume, and a few other shots from my portfolio, if need be.


My e-mail is:


Thank you very much, and I look forward to hearing back from you!


Kind Regards,

Emma Shapiro

At 7:40am on September 21, 2011, Helen M. Trencher said…

Hello, Stan.  I've played the stereotypical "Jewish Mother" (the last segment of my demo reel), and I can certainly channel gossip, 1950's style.  If you would like to have me audition, please email me:

At 1:58pm on November 1, 2011, Shannon Coca Urban said…

Hi Stan! I've been in L.A. trying to get a break...but home now and missing being on set! Let me know if you have any projects coming up that you can use a teenager. I've been told I have great comedic timing, but I can also be dramatic! Actress/singer/dancer. Thanks,


At 10:06am on December 8, 2011, Hannah Fergesen said…

Hi Stan,

When and where is the audition? Do you have any sides or synopses I can read to get a better sense of the project?

Thank you!

At 7:28pm on January 14, 2012, Benjamin Winter said…

Send you an email...let me know when and where on the 6th.

At 9:32pm on January 25, 2012, Kathryn Gould said…

Hi! Yes, I have heard Faye Dunaway before, even prior to Web of Lies. You can see the whole film at February's EFP - Feb 16th, 8pm at the Bug Theatre! And yes, nervous and straight-laced, definitely one of my castings!

At 9:30am on February 14, 2012, John Hockley said…

Hey Stan it was great speaking with you last night about your project. I look forward to going over the script info you sent over and the oppertunity to work with you. Thanks, John

At 7:52am on February 16, 2012, Lynn Smith said…

Hello Stan, I received your friend request and I am sure my daughter would be interested in looking at your script.  What role would you need her for?


At 6:46pm on February 19, 2012, Shannon Coca Urban said…

Hi Stan! Yes, I would be interested in your project! Check your inbox~

At 4:00pm on February 20, 2012, Michael B Lee said…

Hey Stan! 

I would love to participate! You can email me at so we can talk about the details.



At 6:59am on March 3, 2012, Jami Elizabeth Boyle said…

Yes, I would love to audition for the part.  When is the audition? 

At 5:51pm on February 4, 2013, Katt Domingue said…

Hey Stan, I'd be interested in your 1950s sci-fi film. If you still need people, email me at Thanks!

At 8:45am on February 14, 2013, Xavier Soller said…
Hello Stan, I just got your message, thank you for reaching out to me. I'm very interested in being apart of your project. Please message me on here or send more information to my email at

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