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Actor's Corner w/ CoachDalton

Veteran actor, coach and casting director, David Dalton, offers advice, tips and tools for actors. A great place to discuss the business and craft of acting.

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I am a veteran actor, casting director and coach. Although I ask members to give their perspectives in response to other members post, questions or advice, I reserve the right to delete any reply or commentary I feel may be damaging, absurd, slanderous, obscene or gives generally unwise advice.
Those who know me, know I give it to you straight with no nonsense and if I don't have an answer for you now, I'll find the answer for you asap.

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Comment Wall

Comment by CoachDalton on February 27, 2010 at 9:30am
"The Auditioner" newsletter has been discontinued. I simply haven't had the time to put into it. My Facebook Group "DS StudioWorks" and my CASA blogs/Actors Corner have now taken it's place for audition advice and updates.
Comment by Peyton Quinn on December 29, 2011 at 3:41pm

Ok I sold my work to Lion's Gate Entertainment. Some of you know who I am and most do not. Does it matter really?

 I am going to shoot a totally independent feature film in the summer of 2012. It will not be owned by anybody but myself and a Limited Partnership of investors. If I can find someone really good then their acting participation can make them a limited partner. But they better hit me as a 'young Robert Dinero' Who by the way I saw audition before he made his first real film "Bloody Mamma" was made in 1967.

I plan on making the film here on my ranch and adjoining property (about 90 minutes from South Denver)  where I have a 2400 square foot sound stage, showers and dorms for 25 persons or more for  the production crew and actors etc,  and I hope to shoot the whole opus in 2 or 3 weeks here.

Ok, yes I have  an artistic  ‘vision‘, but a ‘vision’ is not ‘worth a shit’ to anybody unless it is brought to a film and people can see.

And it isn’t profitable unless you sell it and so those two things are part of the same deal really to me.

GENERE OF FILM: Action/Adventure with a final ‘audience realization’ that it is also ‘Science Fiction’ near the end. This means we will blow things up on some of the ‘sets’ with High Explosives and there will be ‘fully automatic weapons’ involved. All legal and licensed but if you are not comfortable with this type environment and film,THEN  do understand that this is part of what I am producing.(


1- The Antagonist and central Male character. AGE: from 32 to 50 or even 63, MALE

This is a semi physical role you should be in decent shape and be able to run 20 yards at 8500 feet a few times for takes with short breaks. A familiarity with the AK-47, M16-, OB Submachine guns and sniper riles is good but we can make you look like you been using them all oyur life too.

This is the main character and your competition might be Lance Eriskson for the part (if I can afford him). But times ' being what they are the ’ character actor fees are at an all time low now.


 Personally I know that many character actors have far more talent than the roles they get allow them to express and to sell too.

2-Antagonists Wife: Maybe 35 to even 40 but attractive and alive. Important part, but she gets killed after the first 9 minutes of the film

3-Old Man Resistance fighter: You can’t look too old for this part. You need to play “cantankerous’ like a 'semi Evil' or maybe just 'rough'  version of 'Grandpa' on the old Walton’s Mountain TV show. Will Geer (Grandpa Walton) also played the old ‘Mountain Man’ who helped Jeremiah Johnston in the film “Jeremiah Johnson”. The latter charactewr is more what we need here. There are some easy 'action scenes' even for this character.

4- The Chancellor: Male 50 to 65 looking distinguished and with military bearing yet somehow warmer and more engaging. He plays the Chancellor’. This is a short part but an important one for its 'authoritative' but ‘benign‘ screen presence. You do a ‘News Broadcast’ for the TV camera in one scene and  then in the other scene you get shot off a wilderness area wooden bridge while trout fishing (stunt man does the real fall (:.. This is not a physical part.

5- Non Commissioned officer, this is like a ' Sergeant  to most of you,  any age over 24 or so works. This is a  male and able to play an intelligent, but basically compliant executor of 'higher echelon orders' while seeing his own potential advancement in doing so as well as the personal risk in jot carrying them out to the satisfaction of his superior..

6- Dark Sergeant, 27 to 60, plays a soldier who shoots a woman by accident and covers it up ordering his subordinates at the scene not to talk but as he has ordered them to respond. He is a bully type at heart hinding behind 'rank and authority'. He has a great death scene.

7- Solider Extras: some speaking parts here. Need several.

8-RESISTANCE FIGHTER EXTRAS FOR FINAL SCENE: Any age, sex or racial or ethnic group is good here. There are 4 speaking parts here and one is significant character as an officer in the Resistance. He or she can be any age, sex or whatever. But they do need and must have some 'screen presence' These extras will only have to show up here one day on a weeeknd for one scene of shooting (most likely) then stay for the post production party!.

There are other parts as well and some for younger people.

I am 62 you can find out 'who I am' on any search engine (enter Peyton Quinn or go to . I am not a production pro really. But I have never made a “film’ or written a 'story' that did not make money either.

If you want to send photo and resume to I will read and study it. Then I may ask for you to do a video of some lines read while you sit on couch  and  then sent to me. Go haead you got nothing to lose as I see it, send me your stuff as an attachemnt to an email.

PART OF WHY I AM MAKING A FILM OF MY ST or a URL ot your demo reel.ORY: This film is on ‘my bucket list ‘ though I am just 62 now,  I have seen one Hell of lot of life.

One of my goals in this film is remind people, or even ‘inform people‘, that the Nazi’s were real, they weren’t ‘Hogan’s Heroes Nazis’ either. They murdered more than six million human beings in Death Factories that they built  expressly for the purpose of the mass exections of ‘tens of thousands’ as if they were animals... and in the quickest time possible.

They were not ‘alien’ invaders either, they were US just displaying the most Evil side of our Human nature. So maybe we should keep an eye out, pay attention to thingsa bit, because they most certainly could come back again.

Comment by Brie Aslin on October 2, 2012 at 5:07pm

I am excited about the chances that I will have here in Denver!  I hope to work with you soon:]


Comment by Leon Clark on January 17, 2013 at 8:19pm

I could say that I am new to the acting but are we not acting every day?

Thanks for having me in your corner


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