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[ MASS FOCUS ] GA Corner


[ MASS FOCUS ] GA Corner

GA Schedule, Sign Up, Details & Discussions about our monthly CASA General Assemblies in Denver.

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Celebrate filmmaking at YOUR monthly MASS FOCUS !

What happens at the new CASA MASS FOCUS General Assembly?

FILM: To get our creative juices flowing, we open with a locally (10 minute max) produced short film and discussion.

SCENE WORK: Then we proceed to pick random local actors from the audience to participate in the traditional GA "cold read" of a scene by a local screenwriter, after which, we will perform the scene with actors who have pre-rehearsed this scene to the writer/director's liking. Then we will engage in comment and discussion about the evolution of the cold read to the finished scene. This way we get to see the scene's transformation, understanding the process of actor choices, character development and direction instead of JUST the cold read and critique on such a raw example.

SCENE AUTOPSY: This is another new twist. MASS FOCUS will feature a 5 minute video clip of a famous movie scene. the audience will watch and then discuss. What makes this scene work, or not work? How does it address and move the story, what is its respective grammar to the film; ie- dialog, character, foreshadowing or all of the above. Let's learn how to improve our crafts by watching the masters and studying their process and intentions.

MEET YOUR CASA COMMUNITY: We are dedicating time here to have CASA members from the audience come up, talk about their projects, ask for advice, promote, pitch or anything else that they want to do.

GUEST SPEAKER: We are inviting a guest speaker to participate in every event. These are working professionals in multiple related fields. Acting, producing, directing, cinematography, music composition, agents, you name it. These speakers will be available for audience Q&A. We are striving to bring experienced and accomplished guest speakers so that we can all really leave our GA's with new knowledge and perspectives.

MIXER: One of the most important parts of a community is the ability to gel by discussing topics that are fresh on our minds. Once the daily events have finished, we have allowed extra time to mingle, meet, network, whatever you want to call it. Let's build our community face to face, not just online!


>All writers and actors who are able to attend are encouraged to do so. Agents, Filmmakers, Directors and Producers are invited to join us as audience participants.New comers at all levels are welcome.


Writers interested in having 1-6 pages of their scripts read for future MASS FOCUS events should prepare and bring a copy of their scene and a brief character breakdown. Actors should consider bringing their headshots & bios to the meeting. There is no charge for the meetings or to be a member.

-and as always bring as many biz cards as you have passion!


>Click here for directions to THE BUG THEATRE

Discussion Forum

Is Mass Focus ongoing? Or discontinued? 2 Replies

Started by nellja bernice allen. Last reply by Steven Wash Jan 11, 2012.

Will there be a Mass Focus on May 14th?

Started by Paddy Apr 27, 2011.

CASA Mass Focus "Serve the Story: 2" April 9th

Started by CoachDalton Mar 26, 2011.

Comment Wall

Comment by Darla Rae on February 2, 2010 at 3:31pm
Is there really value when month after month nobody shows up.
Even when we make it a point to promote and promote,the people who complained the most never show up.Perhaps we could try once a quarter GA schmoozer where we could modify the activities for the day? Just a thought.
Personally not sure if there is a need for a physical meeting,I think with the website people can find or get their needs met mostly.
Comment by Tanya Ishikawa on February 2, 2010 at 3:37pm
I like the General Assemblies, though I am one who only shows up about quarterly.
Comment by Jim Brennan on February 2, 2010 at 3:57pm
I think there is value for the people who do show up. Whether or not a handful of people is worth that type of commitment can be debated. I just know that I never attended a GA that I felt was a waste of my time (and I hold my time to be very valuable). I always learned something, made a connection, or was exposed to a talent I was previously unaware of. I can get some of that from a website, but not all of it. Nothing beats face time for connecting to people.

The past 12 months or so have been a scheduling nightmare for me, or else I would have been there all along. Hopefully that will change a bit later in the year.
Comment by Rick Padden on February 2, 2010 at 4:03pm
I'd like to start going again, but my Saturdays and Sundays are taken up working (we're running two retail businesses seven days a week. Nights are open for me though. Has there been any thought given to doing this on a "down" night, when actors might be free? Anyone heard from Cheryl in a while?
Comment by Paul Vincent Rodriguez on February 2, 2010 at 4:30pm
I think what is needed is the right "carrot." What everyone really wants is to be produced - be it as a writer or actor. Given the amount of talent in the group, I think we could create 6 short films per year that could go to festivals. The assembly could be time to polish scripts and serve as auditions. That would give everyone the exposure they desire and make CASA a more recognizable force politically.We could share what is happening with each production at the assemblies and even provide status reports on the website. Everyone would get a first-hand knowledge of film making.
Comment by Steven Wash on February 2, 2010 at 5:26pm
Paul, not a bad thought. I agree that the GA's are important to all actors and filmmakers. Any actor, new or experienced, should attend. We are nothing, unless we work together and solve the issues that have made the group become nearly extinct.
Leadership is the missing link right now. If someone from an agency, or production house could step forward and put a program together, it would be very helpfull. In the past, people were asked to speak to the group from all realms of filmmaking. The meetings had some depth and people were inspired to show up. I haven't attended very many meetings over the past years because it had become the same meeting over and over again. Nothing new was being added. It became an issue of whether or not to attend just based on distance. I can say that I wasn't being inspired to attend.
Change is not a bad thing, but giving up is.
Comment by Ken Hendricks on February 2, 2010 at 6:13pm
Well said, Steven!
Comment by Paddy on February 2, 2010 at 6:15pm
My very reluctant two cent rant...first of all, Jim is right, The Bug remains available for the GA. We would certainly consider a week night for the GA if that is the way to go.

Like most things in life, what you get out of something is dependent on what you put into it and way too many members want to put in very little to CASA or the GA (or the community as a whole for that matter) and then complain for all to hear about how little the GA or community does for them personally.

At times, actors complained about the quality of writing but do nothing to encourage better writers to attend (and then those same actors would appear in really poorly written movies - uh, what gives?). Many of the area's better writers stopped coming because they felt their work had grown beyond the GA or they were not happy with the quality or type of actor at the GA but did nothing to encourage new actors to attend or were unwilling to discover anything about their own work by having 'different' voices read their work.

What I do know about CASa and the GA is this: There are some amazingly gifted writers, directors, producers, cinematographers, acting coaches, casting directors and actors in town. And many of them make themselves available to CASA and the GA, but I have always found it puzzling how many of our members believe they are no longer in need of feedback from people who are much more talented, gifted, dedicated and successful than they are. The irony, of course, is that the really talented people NEVER stop taking feedback from others, including feedback from people who have no real clue as to what they are doing. Probably not a coincidence.

So I guess my questions would be: Des a GA make sense for a community that for the most part does not value feedback because they individually feel like they already have all the answers? Does a GA make sense when most of what an individual 'needs' can be had through the website and little or nothing has to be offered in return? Do we need a GA when some of the incredibly 'high end' advice and feedback that is given is met with general indifference, a defensive attitude and that little or none of the advice is used to improve one's work?

The beauty of CASA and the GA is that it can literally be whatever the members want it to be, but STOP waiting for someone else to do it. If you want guest speakers, then do the work. Make the calls. Schedule the speakers. You want to lead CASA members in some kind of collaborative filmmaking group? Sounds awesome. You don't need anybody's permission to do it, so get started. You want to change the way actors and writers come together or the overall GA experience? Great! Get off your ass and DO something about it.

Like I said, The Bug is still available. Hell, I'll even host a couple GA's to get the ball rolling again. Heck, for grins, I'll even schedule an industry speaker. I'll even plan on a mini workshop or two at the first one (one for actors, one for writers). I'm offering my time and expertise for free and I can assure you that my time and expertise cost most people a lot of money. The same is true for many others who give freely to the CASA boards and past GAs. I'll even reach out to filmmakers, writers and actors to be active participants again, but what are others going to do? What are YOU going to do?

One last pearl of wisdom (works in life, works in movies): You can tell what is important to people not by what they say is important to them but by what they do with their time. I've stayed involved with CASA because my time invested in it has been rewarded several times over.

I'll get a couple of open dates at The Bug and we'll keep the doors open for whatever people want to do at a CASA.

Rant over.

Comment by Ken Hendricks on February 2, 2010 at 6:43pm
Comment by James Fudge on February 2, 2010 at 9:26pm
As a rookie screenwriter, I found the GA an extremely valuable experience that provided tremendously constructive feedback. It was disheartening, however, to make the trips down to the Bug and have such a low turnout. I like the idea of taking on a project or projects - that would give the effort more focus and commitment, versus the writers just hoping the actors will show up, and the actors hoping the writers will show up, and the hosts hoping anybody shows up.


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